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Because predicting the future can save lives

By integrating Video Surveillance, Artificial Intelligence and Big Data solutions, cities can be safer for people. 

Stage I

Capture Data

Stage II

Store Data

Stage III

Process Data

Stage IV

Act immediately and in real time when a criminal event occurs. Use video analytics to issue early warnings. Use AI models to predict accidents or crimes.

Use technology to make streets safe

In most large cities, video surveillance systems play a very important role. With them, it is possible to reduce the probability of a crime occurring. Criminals, knowing that they are being recorded, tend not to commit acts of violence or robbery. 
Also, these systems can be very useful to clarify accidents or events that may occur. The police undoubtedly have a great tool in their hands. 
In some other cities, the local police use with video surveillance systems, software with video analytics to identify license plates of vehicles, or even faces of people. No doubt, these solutions are also very useful, but the systems are still incomplete.

This is where Adda Tech plays a fundamental role. Adda Tech has designed a solution that combines: Video Surveillance Systems (including video analytics), with Artificial Intelligence Models and Big Data Technologies, to not only prevent crime, but to predict events that may cause loss of life.  This marks a before and after for public safety. 

Anticipating crimes, preventing crimes and using the power of AI to fight crime is something that Adda Tech knows how to do.

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Are you ready to make the streets safer?

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