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Cámaras de seguridad

Video Management Systems

Integrate any existing camera in your city. Use AI-Powered Analytics and intelligent forensic search to optimize times and streamline processes. Implement facial recognition and license plate reading to prevent crime.

Use the power of AI to act in real time upon detection of a person with a weapon.​The following are some of the most important applications of AI on video surveillance systems


Fire and Smoke Recognition through Neural Network Video Analytics

You can now detect fire and smoke with AI-powered video analytics. Add video detection as another tool to complement regular fire and smoke sensors or use it as a standalone tool for open-space premises or buildings with a large area and high ceilings


Man Down Detection

  • Detect persons lying on the floor or ground for extended periods of time. 

  • Use high-resolution thermal cameras that help clearly visualize the location and position of an individual, even in total darkness.


Intelligent Search in Recorded Video

Video surveillance systems are constantly expanding to include more cameras. Tracking down valuable information in this abundance of video data can be a daunting task


1) Applies Video Analytics

2) Stores Metadata

3) Searches by Criteria


Offline Video Analytics

  • Offline Analytics helps the police quickly find a suspect or a car, or investigate an incident recording, using video footage from different surveillance systems dispersed across the city.

  • Multiple-criteria search.

  • Search by recognized faces.

  • ANPR/LPR search.

See examples of different video analytics

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