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Why AI?

Cities that want to improve public safety, need to immediately incorporate technology. Fundamentally, Artificial Intelligence, because with AI, and in combination with video surveillance systems and video analytics, it is possible to prevent crimes and accidents. You can optimize the process of searching for accidents, robberies, even people and vehicles. In general, security and management are optimized, but fundamentally what is achieved is that the streets are safer, and therefore the quality of life of the people is improved.


Identifying the face of a person wanted by the justice system is now possible thanks to the power of video analytics. This would allow security forces to act in real time and prevent crimes.


Identifying vehicle license plates allows the police to act in real time and detain suspects. In combination with Video Surveillance systems, it is possible to determine the route of the vehicle and in a very simple way, it is possible to optimize the process of search and analysis of the situation.


Thanks to the power of AI, a person is no longer required to call 911 to report an armed person with intent to rob or kill. Intelligent analytics with AI can identify by camera that a person is with a weapon, and this can generate a real-time alert for the police to act immediately.

Other video analytics

Smoke and fire detection. Counting of people or objects. Personal protective equipment. Human vs. Animal detection

We integrate Video Surveillance technologies with Big Data and Artificial Intelligence to predict crimes and act in real time.

"We are passionate about technology and fundamentally solve problems of everyday life that may exist in a society, through Artificial Intelligence and Big Data".

Mr. Gastón Addati. 

Executive Director

Adda Tech Integral IT Solutions, LLC

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